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Business Loan-Considerations You Should Think About Before Using a Credit Card for Business Capital

Many people are forcing credit cards for business capital, because of easy requirements. If you want to apply for people’s business credit (KUR), then you need to complete the legality documents for KTP, KK, NPWP, SIUP (Trade Business License), SKDU (Certificate of Business Domicile), photocopy of the account for the last 6 months. On the other hand there is a […]

Company exercise: What rights do employees have?

What is actually an occupational exercise? And what do you as a worker have for rights related to this work exercise? If an employer practices certain behaviors on a regular basis, such as providing employees with certain benefits or benefits, then the employee can be confident that they will continue to receive these benefits in the future. But for the […]

Occupational disease: These requirements apply

If an occupational disease is diagnosed, the employee is entitled to statutory accident insurance benefits. However, some conditions must be fulfilled so that a case of illness is indeed recognized and compensated. Often the trade association is responsible for this. We support you in disputes and problems in the job. >> Occupational disease must be recognized Many occupational groups are […]

Insult of supervisors – termination justified?

"You colleague pig!", It burst out of a worker, whereupon he cashed the notice. But when does the insult of superiors justify the sacking? The regional labor court Cologne decided in a concrete case (AZ 11 Sa 905/13). Tip: In employment disputes, you stand with a professional legal protection on the safe side. One word gives the other, until the […]

Pay back BAföG: Everything about loan repayment

The study is already several years behind you, but the loan repayment directly in front of you: You have to repay your BAföG. Worth knowing in connection with the repayment betrays you the Streitlotse. Problems with the repayment? Secure yourself. >> Pay back BAföG: how much? The career entry has been successful – great! Now is the time to settle […]

Semester abroad: what students need to know

A semester abroad is interesting for many students, but it also requires a certain organizational effort and early planning. For example, it is important to know whether the stay should take place via the ERASMUS program or be organized as a so-called free movers. The 360 ​​° right protection secures you in all life situations. >> Semester abroad with the […]

Student work: 6 important legal aspects

Working as a student trainee is the ideal part-time job for many aspiring academics: study content can be combined with initial practical experience, which often makes starting a career easier – and you also earn money. What legal regulations there are for student labor contract and Co., you will find out here. Already well secured as a professional beginner: We […]

Deduct student costs: what is possible?

You can deduct your tuition from the tax. Of course you have to make a tax return. Even for students with very low incomes, this can be worthwhile and especially for a second study, tuition and other costs can bring considerable tax benefits. Well secured in all phases of life. >> First degree: Deduct student costs as special expenses Tuition […]