Month: May 2019

Company exercise: What rights do employees have?Company exercise: What rights do employees have?

What is actually an occupational exercise? And what do you as a worker have for rights related to this work exercise? If an employer practices certain behaviors on a regular basis, such as providing employees with certain benefits or benefits, then the employee can be confident that they will continue to receive these benefits in […]

Occupational disease: These requirements applyOccupational disease: These requirements apply

If an occupational disease is diagnosed, the employee is entitled to statutory accident insurance benefits. However, some conditions must be fulfilled so that a case of illness is indeed recognized and compensated. Often the trade association is responsible for this. We support you in disputes and problems in the job. >> Occupational disease must be […]

Workwear: Birds of paradise are not desired everywhereWorkwear: Birds of paradise are not desired everywhere

A new tattoo, red patent leather shoes or colorful strands of hair – not always meet the new look of employees in the company on goodwill. And not always it's a matter of taste. What do workers have to keep in mind when looking at their appearance and their style of clothing? Which restrictions do […]

Insult of supervisors – termination justified?Insult of supervisors – termination justified?

"You colleague pig!", It burst out of a worker, whereupon he cashed the notice. But when does the insult of superiors justify the sacking? The regional labor court Cologne decided in a concrete case (AZ 11 Sa 905/13). Tip: In employment disputes, you stand with a professional legal protection on the safe side. One word […]

Insult in the workplace by colleagues: threatening warning?Insult in the workplace by colleagues: threatening warning?

If it comes to an insult in the workplace by colleagues, the company peace is disturbed. Depending on the seriousness of the honor injury threatens a warning or even the termination without notice. The circumstances of the insult are used for the evaluation. We stand up for your rights – professionally and privately. >> What […]

Pay back BAföG: Everything about loan repaymentPay back BAföG: Everything about loan repayment

The study is already several years behind you, but the loan repayment directly in front of you: You have to repay your BAföG. Worth knowing in connection with the repayment betrays you the Streitlotse. Problems with the repayment? Secure yourself. >> Pay back BAföG: how much? The career entry has been successful – great! Now […]

Semester abroad: what students need to knowSemester abroad: what students need to know

A semester abroad is interesting for many students, but it also requires a certain organizational effort and early planning. For example, it is important to know whether the stay should take place via the ERASMUS program or be organized as a so-called free movers. The 360 ​​° right protection secures you in all life situations. […]

Student work: 6 important legal aspectsStudent work: 6 important legal aspects

Working as a student trainee is the ideal part-time job for many aspiring academics: study content can be combined with initial practical experience, which often makes starting a career easier – and you also earn money. What legal regulations there are for student labor contract and Co., you will find out here. Already well secured […]

Deduct student costs: what is possible?Deduct student costs: what is possible?

You can deduct your tuition from the tax. Of course you have to make a tax return. Even for students with very low incomes, this can be worthwhile and especially for a second study, tuition and other costs can bring considerable tax benefits. Well secured in all phases of life. >> First degree: Deduct student […]

Broadcasting contribution for students: Is an exemption possible?Broadcasting contribution for students: Is an exemption possible?

Is the broadcasting fee also compulsory for students? There are some exceptions, but usually they also have to make the contribution of € 17.50 per month to be paid by each household. Well secured in all situations. >> When do students not have to pay a broadcasting fee? In the following cases students do not […]