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A short advice from the lawyer – often the problem is already solved. The fear of high legal fees keeps many nonetheless. The advice does not have to be expensive. How high attorney fees and what consumers should pay attention to legal advice explains lawyer Dr. med. Klaus Gekeler.

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Streitlotse: What are the legal fees?

Dr. Klaus Gekeler: Basically, the higher the value of the claim the higher the legal fees. These are governed by the Lawyers Compensation Act (RVG). For example, if two parties dispute a sum of money of 5,000 euros, then this sum is equal to the amount in dispute.

In court, it is generally more expensive than the arbitrator. With a value in dispute of 5,000 euros, the lawyer's fee is usually 492.54 euros, or almost 500 euros, if a lawyer represents his client out of court. At a court hearing, however, a fee of 925.22 euros can be charged. The fees, which are incurred depending on the amount in dispute, are recorded in the so-called Lawyers' Remuneration Act (RVG). In addition, there may be additional expenses, for example for absences, travel expenses or photocopies.

In many cases, suitable legal expenses insurance companies with corresponding cost coverage agreements will pay the attorney's fees wholly or proportionately. Lower fees than agreed in the RVG for legal proceedings or free legal advice, a lawyer are not allowed.

Streitlotse: Is this rule also valid for a first consultation?

Dr. Klaus Gekeler: Attorney's fees for an initial consultation are not specified by law. Therefore, lawyers can arrange the fees individually with the client before it comes to a consultation. Upon such agreement, the client should address his lawyer prior to counseling. If the client and lawyer do not agree on a fee beforehand, the lawyer may charge a maximum of € 226.10 gross for an initial consultation.

Streitlotse: Does a lawyer have to explain the costs of an initial consultation?

Dr. Klaus Gekeler: No, the attorney's fees for a first consultation, a lawyer must not point out the client. But if he realizes that the client starts from a free initial consultation, then he has to enlighten on the resulting legal fees. But more important than the price in a legal dispute is the quality of legal advice and legal representation. When seeking a lawyer, ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations, get in touch with your legal expenses insurance, look for an expert in your dispute on the website of the Bar or even directly on site.

Streitlotse: Do I have to pay the opposing attorney fees in case of dispute?

Dr. Klaus Gekeler: Yes, in many cases, the side that wins in case of dispute has a claim for compensation of court and legal fees by the other side. Of course, this also means that the loser must not only bear the costs of his own lawyer, but also the costs of the opposing lawyer, the court costs and any costs for witnesses, appraisers and experts. It is therefore always advisable to engage your own lawyer and not to act as a lone fighter if the other side is represented. Legal expenses insurance covers the costs incurred under the coverage agreement.

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