BAföG prerequisites: Who gets the training support?

Under certain circumstances, the BAföG provides financial support through state subsidies during a degree course. But who is the education support at all and to what conditions is it linked?

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Who can apply for BAföG?

Anyone who could not land a lucrative side job at the latest from the middle of a semester, the question: How should I finance my studies? About one in four students received benefits under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) in 2016 and received an average of 484 euros per month. As a rule, any German student who has reached the age of 30 at the beginning of his / her studies – or at the age of 35 for Master's degree programs – can not apply to BAföG. Foreign students who have a residence perspective in Germany may also be eligible. In addition, the student must prove his / her aptitude on a regular basis through achievements that prove the success of the study.

Basically, a first full-time study is eligible. This generally applies to second chance education and training. Master's programs are also eligible if they build on a bachelor's degree program. However, support for supplementary, additional and secondary education is only granted in exceptional cases.

Amount and duration of training support

Both the assets and income of the student and the income of the parents are taken into account when calculating the BAföG. As a result, the amount of BAföG payments varies from case to case. In principle, the student's income and assets are not credited to the BAföG payments up to a maximum of € 5,416 in the approval period or € 7,500 (asset-free allowance).

The BAföG regular demand rate is 649 euros per month. It should cover the basic needs of the student and the costs of accommodation at the place of study. Parents-independent BAföG can apply for who has been self-financing for five years after the age of 18 or has worked for three years after completing a three-year apprenticeship and thus has independently financed itself.

The maximum duration for BAföG payments depends on the standard period of study of the respective subject. The period is not extended by periods during the studies in which the student did not receive BAföG. By illness, the activity in a university committee or during the care and education of a child, however, the granting period may be extended.

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