Company exercise: What rights do employees have?

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What is actually an occupational exercise? And what do you as a worker have for rights related to this work exercise? If an employer practices certain behaviors on a regular basis, such as providing employees with certain benefits or benefits, then the employee can be confident that they will continue to receive these benefits in the future. But for the employer from voluntary benefits initially fast obligations. If there is a dispute, the employer can protect himself with an employer's legal protection, but what rights does the employee in operating exercises?

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Operational exercise: After three years freestyle is compulsory

Such an exercise is, for example, a special payment paid over several years, which does not result from contracts such as collective agreements or employment contracts, but which the employer grants on a voluntary basis. Such an occupational activity does not operate under collective bargaining or company agreements, but at the level of the employment relationship. Employees usually have legal entitlement to an occupational exercise from the fourth year onwards, that is, if, for example, a uniform special payment such as holiday pay or Christmas bonus has already been granted for three consecutive years. After regular repetition, this results in a legal claim to the respective service.

Which claims arise from a business exercise?

Several perks or benefits for the employee may fall under an occupational practice. Including financial subsidies such as food allowances, travel allowances or the assumption of training costs. The application of certain collective agreements in favor of employees, the granting of a parking space, as well as jubilee grants and other special payments may also become a right for employees through the company practice. Prerequisites are – as already mentioned – a regularity and a uniformity of performance. Incidentally, if these conditions are met for an occupational activity, the employer can not simply revoke your entitlement to the right in this way. If there are any difficulties regarding your rights to certain services, you are on the safe side with a professional legal protection.

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