Deduct student costs: what is possible?

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You can deduct your tuition from the tax. Of course you have to make a tax return. Even for students with very low incomes, this can be worthwhile and especially for a second study, tuition and other costs can bring considerable tax benefits.

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First degree: Deduct student costs as special expenses

Tuition costs count during initial vocational training – that is, if the study has not been preceded by teaching or the like – as a cost of private living and are therefore tax deductible with special taxes of up to 6,000 euros. The sticking point: special editions always apply only to the year in which they occur, and can not be postponed. This means that the stated tuition costs only bring tax relief if you currently earn so much that you are liable to income tax. That would require income of just under 10,000 euros per year. That's just how few students earn.

However, the Federal Finance Court sees the discontinuation of tuition fees and Co. as special expenses critical, so that the Federal Constitutional Court is currently examining the situation. A verdict is not expected before 2018.

Secondary studies and dual studies: specify study costs as income-related expenses

Those who work and study at least in equal parts – for example, in the context of a dual study course or part-time – can deduct the study costs as so-called income-related expenses. Advertising costs serve the maintenance of the professional activity and can be claimed in unlimited amount for tax purposes. If you currently do not earn enough to earn the costs you have incurred, you can apply for a loss carryforward and keep taking your losses over the next year until you earn enough to actually reduce your income tax burden with the deductible tuition costs ,

Which study costs are deductible?

In principle, it is worthwhile to keep all the receipts that arise in connection with the study, because the costs for:

  • Interest on a student loan
  • Examination and tuition fees
  • work equipment
  • Postage to the university (especially in distance learning)
  • Trips to study events
  • Rental and additional costs with double housekeeping

If you no longer have all the receipts, you can also claim lump sums for many items in order to benefit from the tuition fees for tax purposes. Under certain circumstances, tax relief may make it economically worthwhile to study at a later age.

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