Employed on time: These rights have temporary workers

Temporary workers are often used by many companies, for example to compensate for bottlenecks in production. However, it is often unclear what rights and obligations these temporary employees have and what distinguishes them from other employees in the hire business.

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What is the pay of temporary workers?

As a rule, temporary workers conclude a collective agreement with the rental company in which the remuneration is regulated. There is a minimum wage of 8.20 euros in East Germany and 8.80 euros in West Germany. If your company does not have a collective agreement, you, as a temporary worker, are entitled to a salary equal to that of your colleagues in the hire company. By the valid information claim you may also ask. Since the employment contract with the rental company is concluded and this is your employer, you must also be paid during periods when you are not working for a rental business.

Rights of temporary workers: same working conditions

The Temporary Employment Act (AÜG) governs the rights of temporary workers in Germany. If you work in a company as part of temporary agency work, you must have the same working conditions as for your permanent contractor. This also means, for example, that you must have access to community facilities such as the canteen and attend work meetings. You can also request a certificate of employment after finishing your job. However, this is issued to you by the rental company, which collects all necessary information from the rental company.

Which works council is responsible for the temporary workers?

From a leave period of three months, temporary workers may call the works council in the rental company. However, you can not be elected to the works council yourself because you are not employed by the company. Instead, you can become part of the works council in your rental company, if there is one. This is also primarily responsible for you. However, if there are any questions and problems concerning your work in the rental business, you should contact the local works council.

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