International BAföG apply: who gets it?

The reasons for applying for a BAföG abroad are manifold: Mostly a semester abroad, but also a longer study visit, an internship or a thesis in another country can be supported in this way. The application for a foreign BAföG can also be worthwhile for students who do not receive any training support in Germany.

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Who can apply for International BAföG?

The requirements for foreign BAföG are similar to those for the promotion of students in Germany. So who is supported in Germany under the Federal Training Promotion Act (BAföG), has a good chance of foreign funding. As a rule, you must be resident in Germany or have a special connection to the country – for example, because you spent your schooling in Germany. The training institution abroad must be comparable to German institutions. This refers to the entry requirements and the type of training. You also need to spend at least six months or one semester abroad. An internship abroad must take at least twelve weeks and be prescribed as part of your studies so that you can apply for international BAföG.

Anyone who does not receive a BAföG due to their parents' too high income can still apply for funding for their stay abroad. The funding amounts are higher for the foreign countries, so that a support can be there.

Auslands-BAföG: Request in time

It may take longer to work on the BAföG abroad, so you should submit the application at least six months before your stay abroad. Responsible is not the regular BAföG office: Where you have to submit the application for foreign BAföG, depends on the destination country. So find out which office you need to contact. The quickest application is when all documents are submitted in their entirety.

Amount and duration of foreign promotion

The specific sum of the foreign BAföG is similar to that in Germany. In addition, tuition fees up to an amount of 4,600 euros per year will be covered. For the round trip there is a flat rate of 250 Euro (in Europe) or 500 Euro (outside Europe) per trip. Those who have a contributory health insurance can also receive a subsidy for this. For some countries outside Europe, there are also foreign surcharges.

The funding period is usually a maximum of one year. However, anyone who studies in the EU or in Switzerland can also be supported for longer. It is important that the maximum funding period is not exceeded. It corresponds to the standard study period.

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