Overtime supplement: Is there a basic claim?Overtime supplement: Is there a basic claim?

The overtime supplement is not simply the payment of overtime worked, but describes an additional compensation that will be added to the normal hourly wage if you as an employee work overtime. Trouble with the boss? >> What is the compensation for overtime? Basically, your employer has to pay you overtime according to your normal […]

“Overtime with salary compensated”: Is that right?“Overtime with salary compensated”: Is that right?

"Overtime is compensated with the salary." This is often the case in employment contracts. This should mean that employees are not compensated for additional weekly hours. But is that right? Do you have trouble with your boss? We support you. >> Overtime is generally allowed Overtime is widespread in Germany. In 2017 alone, according to […]

Report accident at work: How to make an accident reportReport accident at work: How to make an accident report

Small accidents at work not only cause pain, but also bureaucracy. The boss has to report the work accident. This also applies if an employee has an accident on the way between work and his home. In the event of a dispute with your employer, professional legal assistance will help. >> Report occupational accident: Within […]

Incapacity certificate: Have a retroactive illness?Incapacity certificate: Have a retroactive illness?

Cough, runny nose and sore throat can make you angry. As an employee, you must submit a certificate of incapacity to your employer in the event of illness. You need to be personally examined by a doctor. But what if you did not make it to the doctor in time because you were too weak, […]

Employment law: Is an apprentice allowed to work overtime?Employment law: Is an apprentice allowed to work overtime?

In a certain context, an apprentice may work overtime if he receives a time off. The labor law differentiates between full-year and underage trainees. Overtime should always be recorded in order to have evidence in case of conflicts with the training company. Your boss is unreasonable? A professional legal protection can help. >> Trainee Overtime: […]

Report for unemployment: always in personReport for unemployment: always in person

If your employment ends or you have been terminated, you must be registered as unemployed. Important: The jobless report should be made personally. A call to the Employment Agency alone is not enough, as the case of an unemployed woman shows. Personally, you will also be advised and looked after by us. >> Important: report […]

Work on call: These are the legal limitsWork on call: These are the legal limits

On-call work means that a worker is always employed in his company only when sufficient work is required. Working hours can vary greatly from week to week, which requires a lot of flexibility. The employer may not set the times by law, however, completely free, but is bound by restrictions. Your employer does not abide […]

Attorney’s fees – what does legal advice cost? | Armed pilotAttorney’s fees – what does legal advice cost? | Armed pilot

A short advice from the lawyer – often the problem is already solved. The fear of high legal fees keeps many nonetheless. The advice does not have to be expensive. How high attorney fees and what consumers should pay attention to legal advice explains lawyer Dr. med. Klaus Gekeler. Fast telephone advice from top lawyers […]

The right to child benefit is valid until the end of the studyThe right to child benefit is valid until the end of the study

Parents can still claim a child benefit for adult children. This depends on the level of education of the adult child. For students, parents usually continue to receive child benefit, but there are some special requirements to consider. You have a secure start to your professional life with a labor protection! >> That is how […]

Employed on time: These rights have temporary workersEmployed on time: These rights have temporary workers

Temporary workers are often used by many companies, for example to compensate for bottlenecks in production. However, it is often unclear what rights and obligations these temporary employees have and what distinguishes them from other employees in the hire business. With unfair treatment in the job helps the legal protection. >> What is the pay […]