Report accident at work: How to make an accident report

Small accidents at work not only cause pain, but also bureaucracy. The boss has to report the work accident. This also applies if an employee has an accident on the way between work and his home.

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Report occupational accident: Within three days

An accident at work happened quickly: a cook cuts his finger and has to have the wound treated by a doctor, or an official is so engrossed in his file that he overlooks a step, falls down the stairs, and breaks his leg. Also on the way to work it can easily crash. If an accident at work leads to incapacity for work of more than three calendar days, as an employer or as your authorized representative, you are obliged to notify the competent professional association or accident fund, informs the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The deadline will run as soon as you learn about the accident.

Accident report: Information and tips

The accident report is often the basis for the employee to continue receiving benefits in the event of illness. To avoid disputes, as an employer you should make sure that the accident is documented as accurately as possible. Witnesses should also have their say. Subsequent corrections are usually possible.

Report the accident at work by completing the form you receive from the accident insurance agency. Tip: On the homepage of the German Association of Accident Insurance, you will find an official sample for an accident report.

The insurer will receive two completed copies. If your company is subject to general occupational health and safety supervision, the competent authority will also receive a copy. Copy the form for your internal documentation and, if available, also give a copy to your works council or staff council. In the event of death, serious injury or multiple work accident, the insurance carrier and the Land Safety Authority must be informed immediately.

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