The right to child benefit is valid until the end of the study

Parents can still claim a child benefit for adult children. This depends on the level of education of the adult child. For students, parents usually continue to receive child benefit, but there are some special requirements to consider.

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That is how long the claim to child benefit applies

Until their 18th birthday, parents always receive monthly support from the state for their children. But there can also be a claim to child benefit for adult children, for example for students or trainees. Important: The claim is only valid without restriction if it is the first training. For the second education, waiting periods between two training periods or unemployment there are restrictions. A child benefit entitlement for adult children is in principle up to the 25th birthday of the child, provided that the training lasts until then. For students, the claim is valid until the end of their studies, if they are still under 25 years old.

Students: Exams must be completed

A course of study is deemed to be completed when all required examinations have been completed and their results are known. If the examination results are not published until several weeks or months after the examination, parents will continue to receive child benefit for adult children until then. A corresponding verdict has the Finance Court of Saxony like (AZ: 4 K 357/11). The judges ruled in favor of the father of a student, who initially paid the family fund no child support after the daughter had taken the last exam.

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Studied interrupted – still child support?

If students interrupt their initial education, for example due to illness or the birth of a child, the entitlement to child benefit continues to apply to their parents. If a female student becomes a mother and interrupts her studies, however, her parents will continue to receive child benefits only until the end of her maternity leave. If she subsequently pays parental allowance and / or goes on parental leave, the parental leave entitlement period of her parents does not start again until she resumes her studies. However, if less than four months lie between the end of the maternity leave and re-entry, this period can also be considered a transitional period.

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